Our Latest Episodes

#6 - The Future of Personal Flight

For more than a century, people have been dreaming of one day being able to build a personal flying machine. But where is personal flight technology headed and when we might be able to fly ourselves everywhere we go.

#5 - Investing in the Future with Kevin Rose

What new products and technologies are going to take off? And which ideas are worth investing in? Investor and entrepreneur Kevin Rose shares his thoughts about where technology is heading and why he won't be investing in VR.

#4 - Hacking the Brain with Bryan Johnson

What does it mean to be human? And what would be possible if you had technology hardwired into your mind? Bryan Johnson is the founder and CEO of Kernel - a company building chips to implant in your brain to fix problems and improve human potential.

BONUS - Moonquakes with Moon Ribas

Moon Ribas is a Cyborg Artist and Co-Founder of Cyborg Foundation. In this special bonus episode we speak with Moon about her plan to get an implant to feel the seismic vibrations of the Moon.

#3 - Hacking Humans

What would be possible if the human body was integrated with technology? In this episode of Moonshot we meet the people who are actively trying to augment the human body and improve our own abilities.

Building Trello with Michael Pryor

Entrepreneur Michael Pryor shares the story behind Trello – the visual productivity app that’s changing the way people organise their businesses and their lives.

#2 - AI: The Rise of Intelligent Machines

Researchers have spent decades trying to build machines that have the ability to think and reason like humans. But how close are we from reaching the point of Artificial General Intelligence?

#1 - The Race to Mars!

If you’re a billionaire with lots of money there’s no better way to spend that cash then to try and send other humans to Mars. But is Mars space travel really something that could be a reality in less than a decade? Moonshot explores the race to Mars and the people trying to make it happen.

#0 - Ignition! (A Moonshot Preview)

Welcome to Moonshot – A podcast where we unearth seemingly impossible ideas and the crazy people that believe they can make them happen. Think everything from self-driving cars, to going to Mars, and all the technology and startup ideas in-between.